General Labourer/ Concrete Finisher

  • Custom Crib Works
  • Calgary, AB, Canada and surrounding areas
  • Aug 19, 2019
Seasonal Construction Entry Level General Labor Skilled Labor

Job Description

Custom Crib Works is looking to hire a new employee for our small concrete construction business. We are looking for one new employee to join our small crew who has some existing experience in concrete placing and finishing (either in a residential or commercial construction setting), and perhaps an interest in becoming a generalist and building carpentry and formwork skills in addition to their concrete finishing experience. Our management team loves to teach new skills so we are looking for someone who is quick to learn and excited to be challenged by new tasks.

Our basic needs for this position are as follows:

1) Need to manage own transportation to and from work-sites reliably on a daily basis. We work on sites all over Calgary, including Airdrie, Cochrane and Okotoks. We would usually ask employees to come to the work site on their own.

2) Willingness to engage in occasional out-of-town overnight work for longer periods of time (1-3 weeks). This is not frequent, and we do provide transportation and accommodation in this case, or allowances for it. 

3) Flexibility as we cannot guarantee full time hours - as our work volume is variable. Hours are casual and range from week to week, but we do need someone who is regularly available for full time work. 

We do pay a wage usually at an entry level of around the $20/hr mark, subject to experience. We also pay required overtime (over 8 hours or over 44 hours). We do not offer benefits, but we do our best to accommodate employee requests for time off when necessary. 

4) Excited to work for a small and family owned company, with lots of growth potential. We value loyalty, honesty and effort, and are hoping to find someone who enjoys our company atmosphere and wants to stick with us for a couple of seasons!