Vector Marketing


     We’re a youthful company that likes to have a lot of fun, however we also have more than 25 years of experience, providing Canadian students with skills that separate them from the crowd upon graduation. Our mission is to be the arena where everyone can learn, grow and dream.  We take that seriously, and invest into all aspects of our students’ growth.

Why Vector?

     “Vector provides students with a great opportunity to develop skills considered essential in today’s competitive workplace.  For example, students develop self-confidence, presentation skills and a strong work ethic, and perhaps just as important, students learn these skills in a fun, entrepreneurial and supportive environment.” 

Dr. Derek Hassay-University of Calgary


     “I have learned to become a focused, can do attitude worker, both in school and in the workplace. I now strive to make the most of my degree, taking everything that comes my way as an opportunity rather than a barrier to an easy lifestyle. I no longer want to live an easy lifestyle. I want to live a busy, challenging lifestyle because of my now expanded capacity to work. I am so grateful I was able to find a job that allows me to make my own schedule, make a great income and at the same time surround myself with great people.”

Riley Grieveson, University of Lethbridge