Origin Bakery

Origin is a place where celiacs can feel normal for a while, even special! Our vision is to provide food that tastes better and has healthier ingredients. Instead of searching the frozen section of the supermarket for rice and starch-based breads, the celiac community can come to us for fresh baked bread without preservatives. We use a variety of over 20 gluten-free ingredients to replace wheat flour, there are different combinations in each of our products. Our cupcakes and pastries are delicious, and nobody will know they're gluten-free. If they do find out, we hope to change some assumptions about gluten-free baking!

Jun 21, 2022
Full time
$19.10 hourly
Origin Bakery 1525 Pandora Avenue, Victoria, BC, Canada
Come join our sweet team! We are hiring for a Lead Baker position at our 1525 Pandora Ave location. Origin Bakery is Victoria's first 100% gluten-free bakery, offering a wide range of baking, including breads, cakes, pastries, cookies, bars and lunches. Find out more and see some pretty pictures of what we make at originbakery.com! The staff at Origin operate as a fun supportive team, and value mutual respect, creative collaboration and attention to quality. The Lead Baker produces a range of baked goods, from breads to quickbreads to cakes, pastries, cookies and other sweets. Duties will include organizing daily task lists and delegating production to other bakers throughout the week, controlling ingredient inventory, and communicating updates as needed to the kitchen manager and assistant retail manager. Some requirements for the job include: - comfortable with written and spoken English - able to lift up to 25 kg without assistance - minimum 3 years commercial cooking or...