Horse show services

Horse shows are very complex undertakings that require a great deal of “behind-the-scenes” work. Competitors must be able to safely negotiate obstacles, audiences must have good vantage points for the action, and members of the media must be appropriately accommodated. This “in-ring” work is the heart of what our company does. We employ teams of “in-ring” technicians who are responsible for every aspect of equestrian shows, from start to finish

$18.00 hourly
Horse show services Contrecoeur, QC, Canada
Mar 23, 2018
Employer: The Horse Show Services Co. Position offered: Ring Technician Number of positions available: 2 This is a full-time position in Contrecoeur, QC Business address: 4945 Rue Hurteau, Contrecoeur, QC J0L 1C0 Hours per week: 40 Wage/salary: $18.12/hour with vacation pay at 4% of gross wages/year, and $25 per diem for living expenses. Type of work: Seasonal Language: English Email: Phone: (514) 730-5303 Duties:  Surveying the topography of each equestrian course to determine feasibility and placement of obstacles;  Assembly of equipment and obstacles to be placed on the track;  Measurement and placement of obstacles to ensure adherence to sport regulations and competition safety;  Coordinating the competitive logistics of the show, accommodating competitor rotations;  Disassembling and removing equipment and obstacles following the show, reverting the track to an appropriate condition for other uses or future competitions.  Assembling the jumps and placing them on the competition field  Perform measurements and assembly within the guidelines and protocols of the FEI rules and regulations  Work effectively with live TV broadcast situations Qualifications: High School equivalent 1+ year of paid experience working with the rules of equestrian riding; 1+ year experience with horse-show logistics and full life-cycle of a major horse show.